Poetry and psychoanalysis

It was a pleasure to be invited to read at the conference 'Poetry and Psychoanalysis: Creative Borders and Boundaries' on 9-10 June in London. The event was organised by poets and researchers Kathryn Maris and Catherine Humble in collaboration with psychoanalyst Susanne Lansman. It took place in the Sigmund Freud Lecture Theatre at the Institute... Continue Reading →

Back from Newcastle Poetry Festival

My first time in Newcastle. Stepping off the train I was struck but how beautiful and clean the station with its high, curved Victorian canopy. And then the metro – yes, Newcastle has an underground – was really modern, well-lit and with modern infrastructure. The cars feel like being on London's District Line. Alas, I... Continue Reading →

Back from StAnza

Earlier this month St. Andrews held its 20th StAnza poetry festival. This year there was a particular focus on contemporary French poetry and on the poetry of heights, of walking and climbing mountains. The festival crowd was distinctly Scottish and European, or should I say Scottish, thus European? Within 30 minutes of the opening reception on... Continue Reading →

Choosing the cover image

A few people have praised the cover illustration and general production values of my new HappenStance pamphlet. Gillian Rose's wonderful design of two chairs has a beautiful simplicity to it, suggesting both a conversation between two people, but also the absence of people, a conversation that was. Chairs on pavements outside French street cafés are such a... Continue Reading →

Poetry and Preservation

Back in March, I wrote a post about four new poems featured on The Compass website, poems written in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks. Last Saturday, the very first copies of my new pamphlet of poems went on sale at the Free Verse poetry book fair in London. I will read from it for the first... Continue Reading →

Radar, reed, revolution

I have had a few poems published recently in Magma, The Fenland Reed and Under the Radar. I was lucky to be asked to read as at the launch of issue 56 of Magma, on the theme of revolution, edited by Laurie Smith and Jane R Rogers. A fine evening spent at the London Review of Books bookshop in... Continue Reading →


I am really pleased to have 4 poems published in issue 3 of The Compass, the beautiful online magazine edited by Lindsey Holland and Andrew Forster, and with reviews edited by Kim Moore. The poems deal with the aftermath of the Paris attacks last November. One of them contains 6 short lines from a Jacques... Continue Reading →

May to December

The year is almost up. I can't believe it is seven months since my last post. Regular posts don't come easy. My resolution for 2016 is to write once a month and to focus more on the books I'm reading, rather than trying to keep a diary. There is an incredible diversity of poetry blogs out there and I'm... Continue Reading →

From manuscript to proof to print

What surprised me in this process of putting a pamphlet together was the amount of work that would go into the stage between manuscript submission and the signing off of the final proof. It happened over over a week to ten days, by the end of which I worried I had really annoyed the production manager, Suzannah, and... Continue Reading →

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