Interview with Amali Rodrigo

I talked to Amali Rodrigo about her first collection ‘Lotus Gatherers’ (Bloodaxe). PART ONE: THE POET Paul: What was it like growing up in Sri Lanka? Amali: I grew up in a town called Kandy, in the central hills. It was the last kingdom of Ceylon. It fell to the British in 1815. Before that... Continue Reading →


Interview with Jonathan Edwards

I talked to Jonathan Edwards about his first collection ‘My Family and Other Superheroes’ (Seren) PART ONE: THE POET Paul: You were born and grew up in Crosskeys, south Wales. Can you tell me about the town? Jonathan: I fear that if I tell the truth about the beauty and character of my village publicly, the... Continue Reading →

Interview with Stephanie Conn

I talked to Stephanie Conn about her first collection ‘The Woman on the Other Side’ (Doire Press) PART ONE: THE POET Paul: Where did you grow up and what was it like? Stephanie: I grew up in Newtownards, County Down - a market town at the top of the Ards Peninsula, Northern Ireland. It’s about... Continue Reading →

Interview with Richie McCaffery

I talked to Richie McCaffery about his first collection ‘Cairn’ (Nine Arches Press). PART ONE: THE POET Paul: Where did you grow up? Richie: I was born in Newcastle (in the Princess Mary Hospital, to be exact) and raised for the first four years of my life in Gateshead, where my family hails from. Dad... Continue Reading →

Interview with Pam Thompson

I talked to Pam Thompson about her first collection ‘The Japan Quiz’ (Redbeck Press) and brand new collection 'Strange Fashion' (Pindrop Press). PART ONE: THE POET Paul: Where are you from and what was it like growing up? Pam: I’m from a small town called Bedworth. It’s near Coventry in Warwickshire. It was a mining... Continue Reading →

Six Interviews with Six Poets

I talked to myself about the six interviews with poets posted on my blog in November and December 2017. Paul: You recently interviewed six poets about their first collections, their background and poetry lives. How did this come about? Paul: Quite by accident, really. I didn’t set out to interview poets as a regular feature.... Continue Reading →

Interview with David Tait

I talked to David Tait about his first full collection ‘Self-Portrait with The Happiness’ (Smith/Doorstop) PART 1: THE POET Paul: Where was home? David: Home was a variety of places. I’m from Lancaster originally and before moving to China lived in a youth hotel in the Lake District (I was a really bad catering manager)... Continue Reading →

Interview with Rebecca Watts

I talked to Rebecca Watts about her first full collection 'The Met Office Advises Caution' (Carcanet). PART 1: THE POET Paul: You were born in Suffolk. Could you tell me a little about the place you grew up, and its people and language? Rebecca: Suffolk’s a rural county. I grew up on the edge of... Continue Reading →

Interview with Robert Peake

I talked to Robert Peake about his first full collection 'The Knowledge' (Nine Arches Press). PART 1: THE POET Paul: You are a British-American poet according to your biography. What does this mean, both technically and in terms of how you identify? Where are your connections to America and Britain? Robert: It probably sounds more... Continue Reading →

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