Monthly Archive: July, 2013

Summer Saturday

Rather than change, I always get off at Leicester Square and walk down Villiers Street, through Embankment station, and over the new(ish) pedestrian bridge to the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Yesterday,… Continue reading

Lighthouse #issue 2

Just received my contributor’s copy for Lighthouse. Stunning aesthetica from the East of England. Only its second issue but this magazine has already established itself (to me) as a high-quality, beautifully produced and meticulously edited… Continue reading

Hopelessly Devoted to You

A chance to meet up last night with some of the Jerwood/Arvon mentees who turned out for the London performance – gearing up for Edinburgh – of the short play by German Munoz… Continue reading

Twenty Little Poems that could save America ‘What went wrong? Somehow, we blew it. We never quite got poetry inside the American school system, and thus, never quite inside the culture. Many brave people have tried, tried for decades,… Continue reading

Fun with Google Drive

Must say, I’m missing virtual Totleigh Barton. I think we all are: Darren, Rose, Jean and Nancy. The last few weeks me and three of the other Jerwood/Arvon mentees (a.k.a novelists and playwrights… Continue reading