Six Interviews with Six Poets

I talked to myself about the six interviews with poets posted on my blog in November and December 2017. Paul: You recently interviewed six poets about their first collections, their background and poetry lives. How did this come about? Paul: Quite by accident, really. I didn’t set out to interview poets as a regular feature.... Continue Reading →

Interview with David Tait

I talked to David Tait about his first full collection ‘Self-Portrait with The Happiness’ (Smith/Doorstop) PART 1: THE POET Paul: Where was home? David: Home was a variety of places. I’m from Lancaster originally and before moving to China lived in a youth hotel in the Lake District (I was a really bad catering manager)... Continue Reading →

Interview with Rebecca Watts

I talked to Rebecca Watts about her first full collection 'The Met Office Advises Caution' (Carcanet). PART 1: THE POET Paul: You were born in Suffolk. Could you tell me a little about the place you grew up, and its people and language? Rebecca: Suffolk’s a rural county. I grew up on the edge of... Continue Reading →

Interview with Robert Peake

I talked to Robert Peake about his first full collection 'The Knowledge' (Nine Arches Press). PART 1: THE POET Paul: You are a British-American poet according to your biography. What does this mean, both technically and in terms of how you identify? Where are your connections to America and Britain? Robert: It probably sounds more... Continue Reading →

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