A first pamphlet to be published in May

It’s been an eventful couple of months, not least because a fortnight ago I found out that I’d won the Poetry Business pamphlet competition judged by Billy Collins, who said of my poems:… Continue reading

Round-up (overdue)

Almost 3 months since my last post. Again, I’m pretty useless at posting regularly but the end of the year gives me a chance – and a push – to post once more… Continue reading

There are statues and there are living statues

If the last month has been about anything, it’s been about stillness by way of statuary. And yet, September, with ‘la rentrée’, is really about the complete opposite of the static, more the… Continue reading

Swimming Lessons Etc

Well, it’s almost 2 months since my last post. Apart from a serious eye injury a week ago when a plastic cork exploded in my left eye, while celebrating moving into my new… Continue reading

My heart in Herts

Moving to Paris has meant, despite the easy-peasy but not-so-cheap Eurostar, that I’ve not been able to get to as many London-based events as I’d like. It also means that it has been… Continue reading

April in Paris

Though I have been attending English-language poetry events, particularly on Thursdays in Belleville and once a month just off the Rue de Rivoli, I’ve been eager to orient myself in contemporary French poetry. A good… Continue reading

Wordsmiths and Wordsworth

It’s a fortnight now since my weekend up in the Lakes, with the other 13 poets from the Writing School who I have been working with over the last 18 months: Kim, Pam,… Continue reading

Trains, Rains and Autocorrect

Aaaaaargh! Or as Browning says at the beginning of ‘Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister’, a poem I have been busy ‘echoing’ with the help of my i-phone, ‘Gr-r-r—there go, my heart’s abhorrence!’ Thing… Continue reading

Long Time No Post

I haven’t posted in 6 weeks for some odd reason. This more or less corresponds with the week I had my bag stolen at the Culture Rapide Thursday poetry night in Belleville, and… Continue reading

October Update

I’m still thinking about the incredible poem performed last week by Jason McGimsey at the Thursday night Paris Lit Up spoken word held at the Culture Rapide cafe in Belleville. See the carousel of… Continue reading