2018: ‘Spring Onion’ (Lighthouse); ‘Winter Light’ (The Interpreter’s House); ‘Letters to Brazil‘ (Bare Fiction); ‘Spring Onion’ (Lighthouse); ‘Appeasement’ (Eye Flash Journal); ‘Animal Apology’ (Humanagerie anthology); ‘Palavas-les-Flots’ (Humanagerie anthology); ‘Sadolin’ (The Fenland Reed); ‘There and Back Again to See How Far It is’ (Ambit).

2017: ‘Roscoff’ (Coast to Coast to Coast); ‘The Guest’ (republished, The American Aesthetic); ‘Balzac’ and ‘Camus’ (formerly ‘The Teenage Existential‘) (The French Literary Review); ‘Windward‘ (Resurgence/Poetry School website); ‘Insulin’ and ‘My Father’s Food’ (The North); ‘Ste. Victoire’ and ‘The Rain in Spain’ (Bare Fiction); ‘Autoroutes’, ‘Where are we going?’ and ‘The Danish Vote’ (The Fenland Reed); ‘One Year’ (Poetry Free Verse, as a poster); ‘The Barbecue (Royal Wedding, 1981)‘ (And Other Poems); ‘Blast Muchness’ (Magma); ‘Valuation‘ (One for the Road, pub anthology, Smith/Doorstop); ‘The Guest’ (republished in The American Aesthetic)

2016: ‘Arcadia‘ (Poetry School website); ‘Blindfold’, ‘Old Bones’, ‘The Third Man’ and ‘Girl Alive’ (The North); ‘Ricochet‘ and ‘Levels of Alert‘ (The High Window); ‘The Rub’ and ‘The Don’ts and Don’ts of Ghosts’ (Under the Radar); ‘Safety Feature‘, ‘Disposal‘, ‘Tricolour‘ and ‘Cigarette Break‘ (The Compass); ‘Suspicion‘ (Poetry Spotlight); ‘Slower‘ (Nottingham Poetry Competition website); ‘ ‘Greenstick Fractures’ and ‘There’s now general agreement’ (Magma), ‘Boathouses’ and ‘The Time on You’ (The Fenland Reed); ‘Oppositions of Want’ (Oxford Poetry, poem previously commended in Poetry London competition 2013); ‘The Centipede’ (The Interpreter’s House).

2015: ‘Seeing John’ (Magma); ‘The French for Chin’ and ‘Paris Plage’ (South Bank Poetry); Lady Justice’ and ‘When You Hear The Living Statues Complain’ (The Rialto); ‘How To Find Me’ (Magma); ‘January’ and ‘The Honey Veil’ (Lighthouse); ‘Assignment: The Village’ (Envoi); ‘Going Through‘ (Poetry News); ‘Midday at the Java Café’ (Bare Fiction); ‘Oh when love has gone’ and ‘Catching Her Drift’ (The Interpreter’s House, issue 58); ‘All the Men’ (Acumen); ‘Yada Yada Yada’ (Ladders, Aldeburgh Poetry Festival anthology); ‘Sunday Morning (after Edward Hopper)’ and ‘The Swell Speed of Mrs Jackson’s Knees’ (Orbis).

2014: ‘Baltic Woman‘ (Troubadour Prize);’ All About Wendy’, ‘Waiting on the Weather’ and ‘Eight Faces of Anne Hidalgo’ (Ware Poets Anthology); ‘Arch of Triumph’ (Paris LitUp 2); ‘Deathflake‘ (Under the Radar); ‘Lost City’ and ‘Capacity’ (The North); ‘North’ (Magma); ‘Round the Block‘ (Café Writers); ‘Gare du Midi’ (South Bank Poetry); ‘We were not stopping but always did’ (The Moth); ‘Feel Good’ (Brittle Star); ‘The Guest‘ (Poetry News).

2013: ‘Human Underwear’ (The Interpreter’s House); ‘Quail’ and ‘Spotting Dotterels’ (Birdbook 3); ‘Upping the ante‘ (Poems in which); ‘The Boardroom’ (Double screen TV/film anthology); ‘Glacé’ (The North); ‘Wake Up And’ (Lighthouse); 2013; ‘Sparrow’ (South Bank Poetry); ‘The Apprentice‘, ‘The Pull‘ and ‘Cautious means Reduce’ (Magma).

2012: ‘Fifteen’ (Silk Road Review); ‘The Teenage Existential‘ (Troubadour Prize); ‘Mrs Thatcher’ and ‘The Half-Born Men’ (14 Magazine); ‘His Own Private Gazebo’ (The Wolf); ‘Waistcoat of Life’, ‘Family Values’, ‘The Protagonist’, ‘Notes on Contributors’, ‘The Briefing’, ‘London’s Burning’ and ‘What Dick Found (Adventures in Form); ‘Hunstanton’ and ‘The Struggle Wiggle Process’ (Norwich Writer’s Circle anthology); ‘Turkish Delight’ (Kent and Sussex anthology), ‘Hearts of Romaine’ (South Bank Poetry); ‘Womb‘ (Poetry News); ‘Le Rex’ (Ware Poets anthology); ‘Nihilism in Paris’ (South Bank Poetry); ‘Our Aisles are Bigger than Our Belly’, ‘Temporary Shelter’ and ‘Making Moulds’ (The Delinquent).

2011: ‘Scaffolding’ (The Rialto); ‘Victorian Spectacle’ (The Interpreter’s House); ‘Sweep’ (14 magazine); ‘Horseplay’ (Other Poetry); ‘Ashby-de-la-Zouch’ (The North); ‘Eurostar’ (exercise de style)’ (The Interpreters’ House); ‘The Paddle Out’ (Poetry London); ‘On Being Tall’ (Weyfarers); ‘The Perforation Gauge’ (Bridport Prize anthology).

2010 and before: ‘The embarrassment of a Second Hello’ and ‘Nothing Offensive’ (Stand); ‘On Sundays‘ (Poetry News); ‘Notes on Contributors’ (EKO Anthology); ‘Two German Lads on my Eurostar’ and ‘Our Town Can Take A Joke’ (South Bank Magazine); ‘Dating Rules’ (Magma); Coffee Breaks’, ‘The Whole Shebang’ and ‘Paying Dues’ (South); ‘Honouring the Dead’ and ‘Duffle’ (Smiths Knoll); ‘Prodigal Bird’ and ‘Telescope’ (The North); ‘Stop Texting’ and ‘Comparisons and Sons Ltd’ (Tears in the Fence); ‘If’ and ‘The Chair’ (14 magazine); ‘Alibi’ (The Penniless Press); ‘Today I bring you some tips and wisdom from the people who trick you all into thinking I am a fabulous woman’ (Seam).


Print magazines: 14 Magazine, Acumen, Ambit, Bare Fiction, Brittle Star, Coast to Coast, Envoi, Lighthouse, Magma (‘The Apprentice‘), Orbis, Other Poetry, Oxford Poetry, Poetry London, Poetry News (‘The Guest‘), Seam, Silk Road Review (US), Smiths Knoll, South, South Bank Poetry, Stand, Tears in the Fence, The Delinquent, The Fenland Reed, The French Literary Review, The Interpreter’s House, The Moth, The North, The Penniless Press, The Rialto, The Wolf, Under the Radar (‘Deathflake‘), and Weyfarers.

Online magazines: Poems in Which (issue 4) ‘Upping the Ante‘, Here/There (Issue 2) ‘Duffle’ (Issue 4) ‘Feel Good (Gone Viral)’, The Compass (four poems from The Days that Followed Paris), The High Window (two poems from TDTFP), And Other Poems ‘The Barbecue‘; Poetry Spotlight (‘Suspicion‘); The American Aesthetic ‘The Guest‘.

Anthologies: Kites (Highgate Poets, 2010), Ware Poets Anthology (2011 and 2014), Bridport Prize Anthology (2011 and 2013), Adventures in Form (Penned in the Margins, 2012), EKO Anthology, Kent & Sussex Anthology, Norwich Writer’s Circle Anthology 2011/2012,Urban Harvest (Highgate Poets 2012), The Space it Might Take (Highgate Poets 2014); Urban Myths and Legends: poems about transformation (eds. Rachel Piercey and Emma Wright, The Emma Press, 2016); Best of British: an anthology of poems about Great Britain (Paper Swans Press, 2017); One for the Road: an anthology of pubs and poetry (eds. Helen Mort and Stuart Maconie, Smith/Doorstop, 2017); Herrings: a celebration of Poetry in Aldeburgh (eds. Daphne Warburg Astor and Andrew Hewish, Blue Door Press with Poetry in Aldeburgh, 2017); Humanagerie (eds. Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley, Eibonvale Press).

Websites: Coffee-House Poetry at the Troubadour poems ‘The Teenage Existential‘ and ‘Baltic Woman‘), Royal Collection Trust (poem ‘Womb‘), Poetry Society with poems ‘On Sundays‘ ‘The Guest‘ and ‘Going Through‘). Poetry School with poem ‘Arcadia‘ and ‘Windward‘ (also featured on Resurgence site); And Other Poems with ‘The Barbecue (Royal Wedding, 1981)‘.

Newspapers: Observant (poem ‘Waistcoat of Life‘), The Cambridge Student.


2018: Joint first prize in the Bare Fiction poetry competition for ‘Letters to Brazil‘ (Wayne Holloway-Smith).

2017: Shortlisted in the Basil Bunting Prize for ‘Selfie with Waterlilies’ (Ahren Warner); winner of the Paper Swans Press pamphlet competition for ‘Selfie with Waterlilies’ (Jill Munro); winner of the Free Verse Poetry Book Fair competition for ‘One Year’ (Chrissy Williams, Joey Connolly and Daljit Nagra); shortlisted in the Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition (Helen Mort); highly commended in the Resurgence Prize for ‘Windward‘ (Lavinia Greenlaw and Mina Gorji).

2016: Commended in the Nottingham Open Poetry Competition for ‘Slower‘ (Liz Berry).

2015: Winner of the 2014/15 Poetry Business Book & Pamphlet Competition, judged by Billy Collins; two poems longlisted in the 2014 National Poetry Competition (Roddy Lumsden, Glyn Maxwell, Zoe Skoulding); shortlisted for the Wells Poetry Competition for ‘The Rain in Spain’. Winner of the Poetry News members’ competition for ‘Going through‘ (Katy Evans-Bush).

2014: First prize in the South Bank Poetry Competition 2014 for ‘Gare du Midi’ (Clare Pollard); Second prize in the Ware Poets Open Poetry competition 2014 for ‘Eight Faces of Anne Hidalgo’ (Roddy Lumsden) and commended for ‘Waiting on the Weather’ and ‘All about Wendy’; Second prize in the Cafe Writer’s Open Poetry Competition 2014 for ‘Round the Block‘ (Deryn Rees-Jones); Third Prize in Torbay Open Poetry Competition 2014 for ‘All the Men’ (R V Bailey); Commended in the Poetry London competition 2014 for ‘Oppositions of Want’ (Michael Symmons Roberts); Commended in the Troubadour International Poetry Prize for ‘Baltic Woman‘ (Amy Wack and Neil Astley); commended in the Magma Editor’s Prize for ‘North’ (Magma). Winner of the Poetry News members’ competition for ‘The Guest‘ (Kei Miller).

2013First prize in the Magma Editor’s competition for a poem of up to 10 lines (‘The Pull‘); highly commended in the Bridport in the Flash Fiction category for ‘Lincolnshire’ (David Swann); commended in the Ledbury poetry competition for ‘The Guest‘ (Esther Morgan); highly commended and longlisted in the Havant Literary Festival (Wendy Klein).

2012: Second Prize in the Troubadour International Poetry Competition for ‘The Teenage Existential‘ (Jane Draycott and Bernard O’Donoghue); third Prize in the Kent & Sussex Open Poetry Competition 2012 for ‘Turkish Delight’ (Mimi Khalvati); highly commended in the Norwich Writer’s Circle competition for ‘Hunstanton’ and ‘The Struggle Wiggle Process’ (Helen Ivory); winner of the Poetry News members’ competition on the theme of the anatomist/Leonardo da Vinci for ‘Womb‘ (Clive Wilmer).

2011: Highly commended in the Bridport Prize for ‘The Perforation Gauge’ (Carol Ann Duffy); shortlisted in the Ware Poets competition for ‘Le Rex’ (Katrina Naomi);

2010: Winner of the Poetry News members’ competition for ‘On Sundays‘ (Jane Yeh).


Sphinx online (Poetry Pamphlet Reviews and Features), on ‘Stealing Shadow‘ by Stefan Kielbasiewicz and ‘H is for Hadeda‘ by Alexandra Strnad.

The North, issue 59 on Joan Margarit and Josep Lluís Aguiló; issue 53 on five collections (Jonathan Edwards, Oliver Dixon, Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Kei Miller and Zoe Skoulding); issue 51 on Poetry Salzburg pamphlets; issue 49 on Flipped Eye and Happenstance pamphlets; issue 47 on Nasty Little Press pamphlets.

PN Review issue 238 on first collections by Adam Crothers and Rebecca Watts.

He has has written reviews in Paris for the Poets Live anglophone monthly readings series and the Ivy Writers monthly bilingual experimental poetry reading series.


He has also authored a Poetry School download on the Oulipo N+7 technique.

Email correspondence and new poems with Valentina Konstantinidi regarding Greek translation of my poem ‘Wake Up And’ published in Lighthouse issue 5 (summer 2014).

Email correspondence about Chinese translation with Rilke Greenth around my poem ‘The Guest‘ that appeared in Poetry News published in Lighthouse issue 9 (summer 2015).


‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Poetry Pamphlet’, Laldy! West of Scotland’s Literary Journal, forthcoming.


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