Reading Live for Transatlantic Poetry

I have not written a post for a month, what with the new job in Paris. An update on all the Paris poetry events to follow this week. But I thought I should write now, in the aftermath – and I mean that in a good way – of the live poetry reading I just took part in. Robert Peake’s brilliant Transatlantic Poetry series through which he is single-handedly bridging the US-UK poetry divide, both literally and figuratively.

I don’t mind reading to a live audience because you can see and hear the crowd (and they have had a glass of wine or two so may be more receptive than usual), and you get some kind of audible and visual feedback. This was a totally new experience all together. The fact that people were potentially tuning in from all over the globe – and I know Robert’s Dad did in California – and that it was all being recorded certainly made it nerve-wracking, adding to that the minor technical hiccups. So for the first half of my set you see my photo, the second half a moving image, not quite sure why. Google Hangouts is an excellent vehicle for group readings bringing people together and achieve a live planetary audience.

It was fantastic to read alongside Isabel Galleymore, Andrew Philip and Chris McCabe. I know both Robert and Isabel from my Highgate Poets workshop group, have met Chris a few times at the South Bank and various London readings, but have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Andrew. So it was great to hear everybody, and now enjoy replaying them.

Note to self: For next time, I need to keep my head still, and not jog about back and forth. Anyway, here’s the link where you can catch me reading from Paris for 12 minutes at minute 35, but best to just sit back and watch the whole 50 minutes, replete with Robert’s welcome and his wrapping up, from his snug office in rural Hertfordshire.


Tune in to many more poets next Saturday October 19th at 8pm.


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  1. Just listened to your excellent reading Paul (and Robert’s great intro). You made it sound so easy, and it was good to hear some of the poems I’ve previously encountered only on the page, as well as Notes on Contributors again. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard a live solo reading and I kept waiting for the chuckles and whoops, then realised I must supply them from my armchair at home! Surreal and exciting! xx

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